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AC Repair Bartlett

AC Repair Bartlett


AC Repair Bartlett

ac repair bartlettMost families have an air conditioner at home. It brings comfort especially during the summer. However, when it encounters technical issues, daily activities can be affected.

Fixing your AC by yourself can be challenging. That’s why many people seek help from companies that offer AC repair in Bartlett. Kustom Heating & Cooling Company is one of the best providers of AC repair. Bartlett residents can call us for help when AC problems arise.

Common Issues That Need AC Repair in Bartlett

There are many causes why an AC malfunctions. When it happens, hiring a professional who does AC repair in Bartlett is the best option. Learn some common conditioning problems and why they need AC repair in Bartlett.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak can be a frustrating issue since it affects the quality of air produced by the unit. Signs include loss of cooling power and hissing sound. When this happens, AC repair in Bartlett is required.

An AC unit with a refrigerant leak can have a harmful effect on people. When this happens, seek help from a professional who offers AC repair in Bartlett. Having an AC repair in Bartlett doesn’t just fix issues; it also prevents problems from getting worse.

  • Thermostat Sensor Issues

One good thing about having an air conditioner is that you can set your desired temperature. But sometimes, the sensors fail, causing the unit to cycle on and off. Allowing the system to continue this way may cause critical parts to break down.

Technicians who do AC repair in Bartlett can fix this issue. It’s better to call them for AC repair in Bartlett before the problem gets worse. If you don’t seek a professional service for AC repair in Bartlett, you won’t be able to enjoy your AC’s full functionality.

  • Faulty, Loose, and Exposed Wirings

AC wiring issues are dangerous. It’s better to hire someone for AC repair in Bartlett. Professionals who offer AC repair in Bartlett check, change, and secure connections to ensure they won’t cause any harm to the whole system.

Over time, wires can get dislodged or exposed. Don’t try to fix any of these issues on your own as it can cause electrocution and fire hazards. Contact someone for AC repair in Bartlett instead.

  • Fan Problems

When your AC’s fan isn’t working, it can be caused by a capacitor issue, burnt out motor, or broken belt. Either way, AC repair in Bartlett is required. Without doing an AC repair in Bartlett, your unit won’t be able to produce cool air. 

Call someone for AC repair in Bartlett immediately. The professionals that carry out AC repair in Bartlett will know exactly how to fix it.

  • Frozen Coils

The most common reason for frozen coils are dirty filters. It may seem easy to fix this since you just need to clean the filters. But, if you ask for a professional AC repair in Bartlett, other issues can be detected. The technician who does AC repair in Bartlett may need to replace the filters.

Another reason why coils freeze is a broken blower fan. The cold air remains inside the unit, which freezes some AC components such as the coils. AC repair in Bartlett is the best option to fix this issue.

  • Broken Compressors

A broken compressor can have an effect on different AC functions. Contact someone for AC repair in Bartlett.

If you don’t have any idea how to fix an AC unit, don’t try to do it on your own. Seek for professional AC repair in Bartlett. Experts who offer AC repair in Bartlett will do the job for you.

Live in Comfort With Help From Kustom Heating & Cooling

If your air conditioner seems to have a problem, consider Kustom Heating & Cooling. We’re one of the leading providers of AC repair in Bartlett. We adhere to our commitment to providing our customers with quality services. Our AC repair in Bartlett is handled by trained technicians. Contact us today.

Does Your HVAC System Need Repair?

Being comfortable in your own home is of utmost importance. This could be achieved by having proper air circulation with the help of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Having one can help maintain the comfort of your home on hot or cold days.

However, your HVAC unit needs to be well-maintained. Just like any other equipment, it can also be faulty. For instance, your air conditioning system can have issues with its fan motor or compressor that may require repair. If you need an expert to work on your unit, turn to Kustom Heating & Cooling, your complete Home Air Comfort Specialists. We provide solutions that can enhance your home’s indoor air quality.

Your HVAC Repair Experts

Located in Elgin, IL, Kustom Heating & Cooling specializes in designing, engineering, and installing HVAC unit systems for homes and commercial industries. We have been serving the Greater Fox Valley Area since 2000. Taking pride in our professionalism, we are dedicated to delivering the best services and ensure guaranteed satisfaction. Our highly trained people share the same goals—to take our job seriously and value your trust in us.

Quality Services for Your Comfort Solution

When you consider hiring our specialists, you can rest assured that your HVAC unit will be well maintained and continue to operate safely. Our team complies with all the legal codes, maintains licenses, and meets standards, including getting municipal and state permits according to the laws of the state. You’ll be at peace knowing that your HVAC unit and home are in good hands. Some of our quality services include:

Annual Maintenance Benefits

Keeping your HVAC unit well-maintained reduces the chances of costly and unwanted repairs. With our planned annual maintenance program, you can protect your investment in the best way possible and avoid unwanted costs and inconvenient breakdowns. You’ll also be at ease knowing that your equipment is working efficiently.


Your unit’s heating system keeps your home warm during the colder seasons, making your space more comfortable for you and your family. Whether you need your HVAC unit repaired or replaced when it starts having heating issues, we have you covered. Some of our heating services include:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Service and Cleaning
  • High Efficiency Furnace
  • Heat Pumps
  • Thermostat Service
  • Filter Replacement
  • Attic Insulation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Coil and Duct Sanitation
  • Whole House Humidifier


Have you experienced dealing with a faulty air conditioner on a hot and sunny day? Beat the heat and avoid the hassle with our cooling services, which include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Air Conditioner Service and Cleaning
  • High Efficiency AC Installation
  • Compressor Repair
  • Condensate Drain Lines
  • Air Purification / Sterilization
  • Whole House Dehumidifier
  • Thermostat Service
  • Filter Replacement
  • Attic Insulation

Air Quality

Did you know that your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a significant impact on your health? Some homeowners are not aware that HVAC units, particularly the ones that aren’t well-maintained, can harbor and spread bacteria, virus, mold, and more.

Let Kustom Heating & Cooling help you prevent that from happening. Aside from ensuring that our clients are comfortable during any season, we also make it a priority to keep their home’s air safer and healthier. Protect your family with our IAQ solutions. We have dehumidifiers, high efficiency filters, and UV lights.

We also offer duct cleaning to remove dirt, bugs, and other stuff in your duct. You can also try our air treatment solutions that will best fit your home and get rid of dust mites, germs, chemicals, and others.

Trusted and Leading HVAC Service Provider in Elgin, IL

Whether you need a repair, replacement, or maintenance for your unit, Kustom Heating & Cooling got you covered. Our team is comprised of technicians with the best skills, attitude, and workmanship. We are dedicated to providing above-satisfactory HVAC services with speed and precision in mind.

Get the best services from the leading HVAC service provider in the Greater Fox Valley Area. Call us today.

Kustom Heating & Cooling is your preferred Air Conditioner repair specialists in Bartlett IL
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